Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones

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Blue offers a comprehensive of individually designed microphone solutions for professional recording, home studio and consumer audio applications.

Application-Specific Microphones

Beautiful to look at and beautiful to use, these microphones are crafted to meet specific recording requirements and deliver the best possible performance.

Bottle Series

Blue’s top-of-the-line flagship microphone range featuring Blue’s system of interchangeable capsules for the ultimate in sound and versatility.

Live Performance Series

Blue designed the en·CORE family to be as versatile as possible. From the most intimate club to the largest booming arena; from indoor stage to outdoor broadcast, the en·CORE range is engineered to deliver.

USB Microphones and Webcams

Professional-performance USB microphones and Webcam systems with the quality and versatility to meet a vast range of audio and recording applications. The Blue Yeti is the world's most popular USB Microphone.
Blue Microphones
See all Blue Microphones products
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