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Bluesound Professional is the world’s first streaming music distribution ecosystem for  commercial spaces including retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés, showrooms, galleries and museums, medical and dental centres, gyms, funeral homes - anywhere where background music is required in a commercial environment.
A fusion of hardware and software that is purpose-built for high performance networked audio, users can connect and control nearly any audio source, including streaming services, internet radio, or networked hard drives, while installers can confidently specify professional-grade rack-mounted hardware that integrates seamlessly with leading control systems. 
Powered by BluOS, an award-winning multi-zone audio management software platform, Bluesound Professional makes commercial audio installation projects easy to configure, deliver, and use. 

The range includes:

  • Streaming network speakers (PoE) and subwoofers 
  • Single and multi-zone network music streamers 
  • Amplified network streamers 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Keypad controllers
  • Multi-zone systems can be easily created and controlled, the modular nature of the systems means it can be easily expanded over time to accommodate the changing requirements of a business.  

The Bluesound Professional products can access commercial streaming applications such as: 

  • Qsic         
  • Soundmachine
Plus, popular residential streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and more. New services are added as they become available in the Australian market. 

Known as one of Lisbon’s best restaurants, Solar Dos Presuntos wanted to further their reputative dining experience by creating an auditory soundscape that would reflect the restaurant’s authentic Portuguese heritage and maintain a warm, inviting atmosphere for their guests.
To execute this project, A/V integrator hiDuet looked to Bluesound’s multi-zone music streaming solutions. In a relatively tight space with low ceilings, the challenge was to seamlessly integrate Bluesound Professional networked music streamers B400S and B100S with the restaurant’s existing speaker configuration to provide music for multiple areas in the restaurant.
Bluesound Professional’s high-performance equipment allowed Solar Dos Presuntos to create the strategic dining atmosphere they were looking for with access to legal, licensed music at their fingertips as well as support for multiple zones of stereo network music replay free of distortion or dropouts.
Salty’s is a new addition to a handful of restaurants situated around an hour North of Wellington, New Zealand. The ownrs were looking to create a relaxing environment, with high performance and easy audio control from their restored Airstream caravan.
Bluesound Professional BSP500, BSP1000 active (PoE++) speakers along with CP100 and PC control App were used to create a relaxing environment for Salty's customers.
Cazoo is the UK’s leading online car retailer focussed on making buying or selling a car as simple and seamless as ordering any other product online. The Cazoo Customer Centres are where car buyers come to browse online, as well as collect and part exchange their vehicles.
Cazoo wanted to create a relaxing, pleasant ambiance for consumers, with music streamed legally from the cloud to all locations uniformly. Using Bluesound Professional, the installation surpassed Cazoo’s initial expectations, not only delivering an elegance and versatile multi-site streaming music solution, but offering addition levels of staff control to enhance enjoyment of the system at a local level.
This installation had the goal of providing tourists with historical information through music and recorded narration as they peruse the outdoor ruins of the Teutonic Castle.
By installing Bluesound Professional’s BSP500 speakers in the most acoustically ideal locations for this unique indoor-outdoor scenario, the installer excelled in enhancing the historical experience of the castle with an auditory element
Bluesound Professional

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