Pioneering LED Lighting Technology

Litepanels is Emmy® award-winning LED studio lighting for broadcasters, cinematographers, videographers and still photographers, with a focus on performance, reliability and efficiency.

The range includes panels, fresnels, on-camera lights and a range of accessories for mounting, powering, control, and shaping.

Daylight, Tungsten and Variable Colour Balance Fixtures

Take control of your lighting environment by matching any ambient colour temperature or creating your own with high-quality, custom-made LED fixtures.
  • Visually accurate
  • High performance select bin LEDs
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • High colour rendition (CRI) and TLCI rated/accredited test facility

Thermal Management

Consistent performance is achieved with the Litepanels thermal management, leading to long LED life and consistent colour performance.

Environmental Compliance

Litepanels is committed to protecting the environment with no hazardous materials used in the production of their LED lighting fixtures. The fixtures are recyclable and free from the damaging UV emissions found in traditional lighting sources.
RoHs Certified, FCC,CE and PSE.

Universally Flicker-free

Any frame rate or shutter angle can be shot without experiencing flicker or partially exposed images. The analogue dimming system is unique to Litepanels, giving it an inherent advantage over traditional LED systems.

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