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Interactive Touchscreens and Collaboration Devices

As one of the world's leaders in interactive touchscreen and unified communications/collaboration devices, Newline Interactive is dedicated to creating solutions that are innovative and easy to use. Their display products are found in almost any style of collaborative environment around the world, such as boardrooms, huddle rooms and classrooms.

Newline have recently upgraded all of their Series with additional features and benefits for any type of interactive screen requirement. Newline Interactive’s products bring together:
  • Unique hardware technologies
  • Software applications that are developed in-house
  • Industry-standard interfaces and connectivity
  • Support for the world’s leading communications and collaboration applications

RS+ Series

The new and improved RS+ Series is designed for hassle-free, interactive displays in classrooms. With a light-weight slim-frame design in a range of sizes up to 86”, front-facing stereo speakers and embedded Android 8.0 OS, the RS+ Series has all the tools for engaging presentations and interaction in a single 4K UHD interactive flat panel display.

The RS Series has up to 20 points of touch and object recognition, so multiple users can interact at the same time, making it ideal for K-12 teaching situations, turning the classroom into a truly collaborative space.

BYOD enabling allows you to share videos, links and files from any device.

IP Series

The IP Series offers enterprise-level security with powerful PCAP, creating outstanding interactive collaboration for all sizes of workspaces, from huddle rooms to large meeting rooms. The operating system is designed to secure your data while still providing the tools and easy access a team needs to get the job done.

Capacitive touch technology is more responsive and offers an intuitive and smooth writing experience, just like writing on a smartphone or tablet.

Optical bonding in the stunning 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution and an 178-degree viewing angle make it possible to experience perfect clarity no matter where you sit in the room.

65”, 75” and 86” screen sizes can be combined with Newline microphones and 4K wide-angle cameras for additional coverage.

NT Series

The NT Series offers commercial level displays that will streamline meetings and invigorate presentations with an innovative non-touch display featuring vivid 4K resolution for large-scale collaboration.

Some of the features included with the NT Series are a smart multifunction remote control, wireless air mouse with gyro sensor, navigation buttons, a QWERTY Keyboard, plus a single button to put the screen to sleep.

A built-in microphone array allows you to make conference calls and have voice control, with echo cancellation, noise reduction and reverb removed, the audio is professional and crystal clear.

Documents can be accessed from the cloud directly on the display, removing the need to use a laptop, external storage drive or other device. Plus wireless screen sharing heightens the level of interactivity possible from different screens.

I Series

Designed specifically for the education sector, the I Series can transform a traditional classroom into a digital format in one single unit. The 4K UHD screen is available in sizes 75” and 85” and offers a cost-effective solution for education facilities.

The I Series is ‘Pure Windows’, with an intuitive Windows interface that can be combined with an external PC to plug and play or add the optional built-in OPS PC.

Newline offers free educational software to download, the newline Teach Infinity II supports multiple subjects including Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and other subjects.

Flex Series – Coming Soon

Winner of a Red Dot Design award in 2021, the Newline Flex Series is an innovative new tool designed for desktop collaboration, perfect for a work from anywhere environment. Plug and play from your laptop to create an instantly interactive video conferencing experience.

The Flex pen works fluidly with Windows Ink, creating a natural writing experience. A 10 to 45 degree tilt allows you to angle the screen just as you want it.

The built-in 4K camera tilts to recognise where you are positioned and adjusts accordingly. Built-in speakers and a subwoofer deliver clear sound.

Newline Interactive

Congratulations to Newline for winning the Connected Most Popular Electric Whiteboards Award

Congratulations Newline for winning the Connected Most Popular Awards for Electronic Whiteboards