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Professional Loudspeakers and Beam Steerable Arrays

As leading professional AV providers, Renkus-Heinz was one of the first companies to embrace and harness audio technology in the world. They've set the industry benchmark in technological innovations with the development of 'Complex Conic' and 'CoEntrant topologies' and have created some of the first integrated self-powered loudspeaker systems on the market. 

Renkus-Heinz designs and manufactures a comprehensive and diverse range of loudspeaker products with outstanding results for several applications. They are the market leaders for loudspeaker solutions in the sporting, entertainment, education, corporate, Houses Of Worship, rentals and touring industries. 

Today, Renkus-Heinz' products have been installed in thousands of projects, including LAX airport and The Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Their list of products includes:

Steerable loudspeakers: Since 2005, when Renkus-Heinz began experimenting with steerable loudspeaker technology, they've led the industry in this area. Their narrow profile solutions provide greater speech intelligibility than some loudspeaker alternatives, especially in challenging acoustic environments such as Houses Of Worship. They offer a number of benefits in applications where architecture can restrict the successful delivery of intelligible speech.

Point Source: Renkus-Heinz have set the benchmark in point source – otherwise known as “traditional” – loudspeakers. They offer the versatility of size and deployment for large-scale events as event technicians can use the various sizes available to place in critical areas of the space. The C Series consists of a high-quality passive crossover to bypass with an internal jumper for bi-amplified operation. The T Series is the perfect solution for install and mobile applications, and the P Series represents the pinnacle of performance for compact point-source loudspeakers. 

Line Arrays: These large-scale event speakers come in a range of sizes, from smaller styles to suit portability and versatility to much larger systems that amplify arenas and stadiums with crystal clear audio. Renkus-Heinz has used only the highest quality components – low-frequency woofers and lightweight neodymium compression drivers – that deliver the sound and performance the manufacturer is known for.

Horizontal: These horizontal loudspeakers boast world-class acoustic design and signal processing that makes working with them simple and easy to replicate. Renkus-Heinz' TRX Series loudspeakers consist of 2-way passive speakers that use advanced technology and application-driven engineering to produce superior performance.

Subs: Bass response is arguably the most crucial factor in all audio applications, and Renkus-Heinz achieves the seemingly impossible, delivering superb results with every product in their subwoofer range. Whether you want to power an arena or a conference room, these subs offer outstanding performance at competitive price points.

Amps: As one of the first creators to incorporate amplifiers within loudspeakers, Renkus-Heinz' state-of-the-art amps are individually tailored for the speaker it's driving either using sophisticated RHAON DSP or, in non-RHAON versions, high-quality analog circuitry.

Software: Choose from an array of Renkus-Heinz software applications and libraries to assist you in controlling all of your compatible self-powered networkable loudspeakers.


Bared Footwear Retail Project

The client was looking for a very simple to use but high-end audio solution, with a particular attention to the placement of speakers, and the overall aesthetics of the proposed loudspeakers.  
Part of the audio brief was to have the ability to host in-store events with DJs, plus the ability to have streamlined control of the overall store which has a high attention to detail and a keen focus on customer satisfaction.


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