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Pedalboards and Cables

RockBoard by Warwick provides a complete solution for all of your pedalboard requirements. RockBoard has a fantastic design which allows you to keep your board neat and tidy, with the added luxury of having all of your cables and power supply tied securely underneath.

Some items you will find in the RockBoard range include:
  • Pedal Boards
  • Flat Patch Cables
  • Flat Midi Cables
  • Solderless Cables
  • Patch Bays
  • Dampeners
  • LED Lights

Case Studies

Rockboard Musician Daniel Romano shares his experience using the Warwick Rockboard Quad 4.2 with Module 1

Daniel Romano has been working in the Melbourne entertainment scene for around 20 years. Currently, he is working with a cover band called “Adam12” who are doing 3 to 4 shows a week. He also has an original band called “Welcome to the Numb”, they are in the process of releasing a new EP which they recorded with producer Peter Reggie Bowman.

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Rhys Warden and Rockboard by Warwick

Music has always been part of Rhys Warden’s life, from young age he was fascinated by Michael Jackson’s hits, dreaming of being in control of the stage, just like Jimmy Page did with Led Zeppelin.

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rockboard The Best Pedalboard Ever? | Rockboard Setup, Cables and Essentials (First Impressions)

Check out the video that Luke Zecchin from created using products loaned by one of Rockboard by Warwick team members. 

In this video, Luke unboxed a new pedalboard from Rockboard, along with some other bonus goodies! Rockboard offer a huge catalogue of awesome, affordable, and feature-rich pedalboard accessories.

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