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Media Systems for the latest in broadcast and Media Management solutions

Today's broadcast and media markets are increasingly competitive, diverse and demanding, so the right choice of technology is critical to success. At Amber Technology, our range of broadcast and media acquisition, storage, processing, management and delivery solutions has been carefully selected to deliver 24/7 performance and reliability with maximum flexibility and efficiency - all supported by an engineering team with the experience and expertise to match.

We understand that the needs of today's professional users extend far beyond the supply of equipment. We offer not only the brands and products to assist you to complete your project, we also offer advice and support along the way, and a complete end-to-end consultancy service to ensure that your needs are matched perfectly to the most appropriate technology platforms available. Amber maintains an in-depth engineering support structure to provide our customers with system solutions, operational training and expert advice.

Our Media Systems Group caters for every market where Media needs to be created, managed and delivered:

The Technical Services Group (TSG) plays a key role in fulfilling our commitment to providing these services. The TSG team can assist with a host of engineering challenges including consultation and design, system installation, equipment commissioning and ongoing support.

Production Systems

Amber offers cutting edge video production and editing systems for studio, sports and OB, with the latest tools and custom solutions. Server systems with dedicated and shared storage; wireless camera systems; solutions for the unique requirements of everything from 3D and UHD to internet and mobile content production, distribution, storage and streaming. We can provide complete studios including studio cameras, professional microphones, camera supports and robotics, studio clocks, lights and master timecode systems. We have real-time graphics, DVE, Video switchers, mixers and presentation systems with operation, connection and control over Copper, Fibre, IP networks, LAN, WAN and broadband internet.

Data Management

The Media Systems team can design and build data management systems on hardware and in data centres that deliver storage, manipulation, management, production and distribution of content for everything from a single user up to hundreds of simultaneous clients. We offer the most flexible and powerful storage and asset management systems available, from small studio productions to full nationwide enterprise solutions. Scalability, reliability and simplicity of use are the features our clients require, and we have hand-picked the best technologies available to ensure that we can meet these criteria. Digital asset management is central to any media operation in today’s market, maximising use and monetization of valuable production footage and documents. Ingest, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of video, audio and data files can be dramatically simplified through our comprehensive range of complete Media Asset Management solutions. Plus we have solutions for automated QC, analysis and reporting, with full workflow integration. Shared media networks deliver efficiencies in media workflows that really make the difference. Amber offers exceptional expertise and equipment solutions for multi-channel ingest and browsing, workflow-engineered shared storage for editing workgroups and the best in backup, mirroring and archive systems.

Video Delivery

Content is nothing if it is not delivered, whether on a closed network to desktop clients and TVs, over the internet as a full broadcast channel or via a streaming service. Amber have a range of encoders, multiplexers, modulators, satellite and wireless transmission and contribution/acquisition systems and streaming solutions from compact cost effective desktop encoders to full Enterprise distribution platforms. Amber engage at every level of the distribution challenge. There is nothing we cannot propose a solution for, and nothing we haven’t delivered over 30 years in the broadcast industry.

Infrastructure Hardware

Our end-to-end media systems solutions are supported by a full range of infrastructure products to complete the installation and ensure their smooth and long-lasting operation. Amber Technology offers a full range of AV cable and connectors for data and structured cabling as well as fibre optic systems for the most demanding technical requirements and rugged environments such as OBs and Studio floors. Amber's router products are renowned for quality and reliability with a huge range of sizes, specifications and control options available. We can offer interface and conversion systems for any combination of fibre optics and copper supporting all types, formats and standards of video and audio. We distribute a range of equipment testing and diagnostics systems, mounting, racks, transit and storage solutions up to full military bespoke specifications including custom designed transport cases.

Cloud and IP Video

Whether On-Premise or Off-Premise, Private or Public, “Cloud” processing and storage is a vital part of a designer’s consideration for both current and future business success. Amber Technology work with the leading brands of both Private and Public Cloud systems providers, and can propose pure or hybrid solutions delivering results today with a clear path to the future. We offer complete data centre hardware implementations, with software that runs on any type of infrastructure – or a hybrid. The migration from copper-based Video infrastructure to IP-based infrastructure is a minefield, with much marketing hype and over-stated benefits. Whether compressed or uncompressed video is desired, Amber have the experience and expertise to ensure that maximum advantage can be gained from a migration to IP-based systems without sacrificing operational ease of use or budget.


Media Creatives enjoy a wide range of tools to turn raw video and audio into professionally finished programming. Amber technology have been at the forefront of the digital video revolution right from the beginning. Our experience in the are of post production for video and audio is unmatched – a fact that is well appreciated by our suppliers and customers, who consistently turn to us for their most complex operational setups. Applying technology to creativity is what our business is all about.

Remote Operations

Connectivity is a watchword in the media world, and in Australia and New Zealand connectivity frequently means overcoming geographical challenges unique to our area. Amber products have been at the heart of remote productions in the most challenging arenas known to man. From the dust of the outback to the depths of the MCG, Amber’s teams have been instrumental in ensuring that equipment is seamlessly integrated to deliver the show on time and to the right standard. We employ the full range of technologies – Meshing Data Radios, Satellite systems, Bonded Telco services, Fibre, Copper, Internet, WAN, LAN and Microwave to address the challenges of remote operation and collaboration. Whether the requirement is for Military communications and video, or a basketball game at the University courts, we can provide a platform to ensure that operations go smoothly, time and time again. Remote collaboration also means connectivity between one location and another for more mundane day-to-day operations, of course. Our range of cloud-based and WAN-Connected workflow management systems facilitate efficient use of local contributors in all areas of video and audio production.

Workflow Management

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