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With several pioneering products to its name, James Loudspeaker has set the benchmark for high-performance residential, commercial and marine audio solutions.  
Established in 1999, the leading specialist team at James Loudspeaker has combined technology with aesthetic excellence, providing a range of custom audio solutions that can be fitted anywhere. They're made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials such as aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminium.
Their product range includes:
Home applications

The Mavericks series – providing ultra-wide bandwidth, high sound pressures and low distortion.
Discrete installations – in-room, bookshelf and wall-mounted, under furniture and eaves.

AL Series – with proprietary drivers and sonic refinement integrators for outstanding performance and reliability.

SA Small Aperture Series -- subtle, high-performing speakers to match any decor.

Cube Series – discreet placement in bookshelves with excellent bass

Outdoors solutions

AT (All-Terrain) Series – signature outdoor speakers with a variety of finishes for versatile integration outdoors

Wedge Series – all-terrain speaker systems for 90-degree angle integration, providing a 3D sound immersion

In-wall and ceiling speakers:
BE Reference Series – in-wall and freestanding speakers with ultra-wide dispersion, high power handling, and low distortion

OW Series (On-Wall) – integrated wall aluminium-cone woofers and a variety of tweeter options for quality sound and ultra-wide dispersion

QXC/SXC Series – concert quality sound from above

FXA/FXAQ Series – an optimal answer for challenging audio coverage

FXC/FXCQ Ceiling speakers (indoor and outdoor) – traditional 3/8’’ mounting flange giving smooth output and less distortion

PD Pendant Series – versatile and aesthetically pleasing for indoor and outdoor use

QX Series – borderless, streamlined look, and new quad tweeter array for exceptional stereo performance

QX In-wall SoundBars – customisable SoundBars mounted into walls and offering wide dispersion and reference-quality sound

TX Series – combining design elements from QX and FXA Series for superb audio performance

EMB II Subwoofers – luxurious design and craftsmanship delivering low distortion, smoother frequency response, tighter transients and greater bass extension
PowerPipe Subwoofers – the world’s first ‘disappearing’ subwoofer, with a flexible tube to release quality sound discreetly
ST Series Subwoofers – with the central portion hidden unground, the ultimate in subtle outdoor audio solutions

James Loudspeaker has also established a reputation for landmark technologies. These include:
Self-powered: A one-piece solution, self-powered speakers that don’t require an external amplifier. 
Centergy Technology: customisable speaker arrangements for flawless, integrated sound signals.
Quad Tweeter Array Technology: increasing twitter efficiency by 300% and improved speaker dispersion by 45 degrees, regardless of speaker placement and orientation.
Marine technology: high-performing audio components and resilience in extreme environments. 
UL Approvals: for speakers in fire alarms, commercial, professional and emergency use, and for outdoor use even in wet conditions. 
Ultra-slim technology: delivers full-range integrated audio and excellent bass response with proprietary ultra-slim drivers to integrate speakers to fit even the smallest of spaces or full-range theatre audio.
70V Distribution: simple wiring method to connect as many speakers as required over long distances and large areas.

James Loudspeaker