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Amplifiers and audio management


XTA Electronics specialises in amplifiers and audio management for live music venues, clubs and large-scale sound installations. Their products have been specifically designed to offer a uniquely simple solution to almost every live sound challenge.


Along with state-of-the-art amplifier and audio management hardware, XTA has developed the AudioCore V8.91 software that gives the user, whether it be performer or sound engineer, instant and intuitive control over all parameters of any DP or DC series unit. 


MX Series: these DSP enabled console switching systems have been designed to break the spell of the long-standing problem of routing multiple mixing consoles outputs to a speaker system/system processor. It has 36 inputs in 2U across analogue, AES and Dante networks.


DPA Series: the digital processing amplifying series gives you total control of all your processing on one simple front panel, as well as options to control remotely. You can use these systems with your existing amps, giving you improved flexibility and performance at the same time.


DNA Series: these digital network audio amplifiers give you the beauty of high-quality amplification, the convenience of digital audio networking and the ability to work within analogue or digital systems all at the same time. 


APA Series: XTA Electronics deliver adaptive power amplifiers (APAs), world-leading four-channel Class D amplifiers with extensive processing, connectivity and control capabilities.


DeltaDirect: built specifically for iPad use, this set up allows you to configure and tune using a speedy and powerful combination of AudioCore and DeltaDirect (XTA’s bespoke iPad app).


DS8000/D: this audio distribution system is a 2U, eight input to 32 output mic/line distribution system with 16 transformer balance isolation outputs and 16 electronically balanced outputs.


4 Series: the XTA 4 Series audio management unit sets a new standard in performance, flexibility and ease of use, with a completely new processing platform and a native sample rate of 96Hz.


5 Series: the DP548 model of this series takes the features of the 4 Series products and adds the equivalent of four D2 dynamic equalisers across the inputs and four units’ worth of C2 compressors across the outputs.


DC1048: the DC1048 integrated audio management system offers full matrix mixing and a palette of EQ functions to satisfy even the most demanding application.


GQ600: the series encompasses dual 30-Band Graphic with high-quality long-throw 45mm sider and superior noise/distortion performance.

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