Dynaudio Professional

Dynaudio Professional

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Danish Loudspeakers, the definitive choice for pro Studio and Broadcast Monitor loudspeakers. Innovative in engineering, precision manufactured, outstanding in performance.

Dynaudio Acoustics range includes active, passive and Surround Sound systems.

BM Series

BM Active Nearfields are ground-breaking active nearfield monitoring solutions that deliver staggering precision, power and clarity.

BM Series Active Subs are Compact, powerhouse subwoofers crafted to provide the perfect match for any BM Series monitoring system.

LYD Active Nearfields

LYD offers producers and musicians near-field speakers that excel at low volume precision.

Main Monitor Systems

The precision and power of Dynaudio Acoustics has provided countless audio professionals with first-class monitoring solutions for decades.
Dynaudio Professional
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LYD speaker
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