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Exclusive distributor of Sadowsky Guitars in Australia

With over 80 years of combined experience in traditional instrument craftsmanship, Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars has teamed up with Warwick GmbH of Germany to bring a full range of quality instruments and accessories to musicians worldwide under the Sadowsky brand name.

Roger will remain the visionary behind Sadowsky Guitars, with Warwick taking on the task of manufacturing and worldwide distribution. This arrangement allows Roger to remain close to the process while making available several lines of basses, strings and accessories at a wider variety of price points.

Known for incomparably fine and effective working tools for professional musicians, Roger Sadowsky felt that finding a partner with the same reputation for impeccable quality and design as well as outstanding customer service was essential. Warwick’s significant capabilities and successes include a carbon-neutral Warwick facility in Markneukirchen, Germany.

Roger Sadowsky has always strived to further improve an already very successful bass design by making several detailed improvements. Along with the electronics, which Roger developed, he also raised the well-known P/J bass sound to a new level, creating a typical Sadowsky tone: never harsh or shrill sounding, with strong, powerful but never muddy bass, with present, but not too aggressive mids, and a sweet and airy treble range.

Products in the Sadowsky range available in Australia are MetroLine and MetroExpress Series:

Both the MetroLine Series and MetroExpress Series all feature the modern Sadowsky bass sound in the 21-Fret Hybrid P/J basses made exclusively in Germany.

All basses are lightweight (approximately 8.4lb/3.8kg), making them a good choice for bass players who are looking for a light solution for the stage in addition to a modern bass sound.

The MetroLine Series P/J basses also have the special features of active electronics with true bypass, Vintage Tone Control, treble and bass boost, ultralight Hipshot tuners and the special Sadowsky bridge for quick string release.

Curly Hendo Musician, bass player, touring musician - The Artist shares her experience using the Sadowsky range

Born in Sydney, Australia, Curly (Emma Henderson) was greatly inspired by a school music teacher earlyon and began her journey in music supported by a passionate, supportive environment. From day one she was taught within the Rockschool framework, completing all grades with distinction.
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