Troll Systems

Troll Systems

The industry standard for broadcast remote-control systems for ENG and Airborne Microwave systems.

Airborne Solutions

Troll's SkyLink™ range of video downlink and microwave radio control products offer the market's most advanced airborne communications controllers and steerable antennas.

Camera Solutions

TrollCam™ HD systems bring all camera and lens functions, environmental controls and 16 user-defined presets together on an easy-to-use mastercontrol screen.

Diversity Receive Solutions

Antenna/receive systems developed for the digital diversity age. Troll’s all-in-one packages address the complex requirements of the receive network from installation to operation.

Ground Based Solutions

Revolutionary microwave ground receive systems that are fully self-contained video transmission and tracking receive site solutions controllable from any remote location.

Ultra-Low Latency Encoders

Mpeg ZERO Ultra-Low Latency Encoders - fast enough to stay ahead of the action, end-to-end total latency as low as 10 milliseconds.

VanLink Remote Control Solutions

Troll Systems' VANLINK range allows automatic alignment of antennas from local or studio.

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Troll Systems
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