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Specialist Audio and Video Cables

The Van Damme Cable range is a comprehensive, intelligent and practical selection of specialist audio and video cables, which have achieved premier status simply by being the finest cable range of its type on the open market.
The Van Damme range includes many innovative ideas designed to cater for both an architectural specification or the rigours of a live touring artist.

World-wide the Van Damme customers range from blue chip corporations, government installations, medical equipment manufacturers and education authorities.
The Van Damme Tour Grade Black Series cable and VDM Multipole touring systems are used extensively by major performing and recording artists around the world. They are designed to give ‘bullet proof’ reliability.

The Van Damme cable range can be found in:

  • Performance Tours
  • Recording Studios
  • Installations
  • Marine
  • Film and Broadcast
  • Presentation and Show
  • Education and Government Installations
  • OEM/ Corporate
  • Post Production
  • Stadiums
Van Damme
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