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Motorised and Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Accent Visual projection screens offer solutions in both motorised and fixed frame screens, for all residential and commercial installation requirements. All Accent Visual projection screens perform beautifully with Full HD - UHD and 4K.

Classic Series Motorised Projection Screens

Motorised Projection Screens in the Accent Visual Classic Series deliver a cinema quality experience in any commercial or residential environment.

Key features of the Classic Series are:

Cinema Graded Fabric: The matt white fabric used for the Classic Series Motorised Projection Screens is produced by applying a PVC coating on a fibreglass substrate, creating a very flat surface for minimal vision distortion across its 160 degree viewing angle. The cinema graded white fabric delivers clean whites with colours that remain bright and lifelike with no shift in hues.

  • Gain of 1.0

  • Flame retardant

  • Mildew resistant

  • 16:10 for data presentations

  • 16:9 for a big home cinema experience

Full Suite Of Control Options: With the Classic Series Motorised Projection Screens there is a choice of options for operating the screen. An RF remote control is included with the purchase of the screen.

  • IR receiver for direct control

  • Remote IR input port if the screen will not be visible

  • A voltage of 5-12 volts from the projector or AV receiver can trigger opening/closing

  • RS232 port if an automation system is used

Quick Mount: Accent Vision Classic Series Motorised Projection Screens include a quick mount system. Fix the brackets to the wall or ceiling, or use the suspend brackets to hang from the ceiling on a drop wire. Whichever method is used, the case of the screen simply locates and locks securely in place.

Quiet Operation: A cylindrical or “tube” motor, together with a precisely matched helical gears set, creates long term, quiet operation of the screen.

Compact Case All Accent Visual Motorised Projection Screens have an extruded aluminium case, to assist with noise reduction and firmness for long term reliability, while a premium look and feel is achieved thanks to a diamond lustre powder coated finish.

The Classic Series Motorised Screen uses a compact case. This an support screens sizes up to:

  • 150 inches in a 4:3 aspect ratio

  • 133 inch in 16:9 aspect ratio

  • 136 inch as a 16:10 aspect ratio

Larger motorised models adopt the same great case design with increased proportions, so it always looks good.

Fixed Frame Series

The Accent Visual Fixed Frame Series delivers a perfectly flat surface for premium projector performance, available in both Classic Fixed and Micro Edge Fixed.

Choices Of Frames

The Classic uses a traditional 65mm visible “Picture” frame approach, while the Micro Edge Fixed Frame has a 10mm edge, creating a larger image for the same wall space.

The Classic Fixed Frame combines cross bracing with added stiffness to prevent bowing, preserving the aspect ratio accuracy.

The Micro Edge Frame expands on the Classic Series construction techniques, adding dual corner bracing and increased extruded frames with thicker cross sections.

Cinema Graded Fabrics

Classic Fixed Frame shares the same 4K Cinema graded fabric as the Classic Series Motorised Projection screen models.

HD Cinema 130

A non-supported vinyl fabric finished to 80 microns. The screen surface has double the optical microgrooves for precise image reproduction with no colour shift. This screen fabric offers excellent depth of modulation for even the most demanding high definition projection devices.

With a slightly reduced viewing angle of 140 degrees (-20 degrees), gain of 1.3 for enhanced levels, and a maximum width of 3 metres, the HD Cinema 130 is suitable for fixed frames and tab tension screens up to 135 inch (16:9) format.

Both screen materials are:

  • Flame retardant

  • Mildew resistant

  • 16:10 for data presentations

  • 16:9 for a big home cinema experience

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