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Silvus Technologies

MIMO Meshing Radios

Silvus Technologies are extensively deployed in the Broadcast, Military and Security fields to deliver mobile and temporary network requirements.

They offer a 4 x 4 MIMO Meshing Radio with superior performance to conventional Microwave COFDM in a point-to-point configuration. However, it is also a single channel IP data radio that forms self-healing peer-to-peer meshes over extended coverage areas.

About Mesh Radios

The principle of a MESH Radio network is that multiple radio nodes bond together flexibly to form a fluid self-healing network to carry IP (network) data. A node can move around freely within a MESH-covered area and retain network connectivity to all other nodes.

Most MESH Radio systems are designed for commercial use, typically using the 802.11 standards family, and suffer from:
  • Limited performance
  • Limited available frequency range
  • Low data rates and often symmetrical 50% forward, 50% back
  • Inflexible packaging
  • Complex setups

Silvus MN-MIMO (Mobile Net – Multi In Multi Out) Radios

First developed for the US Military, Silvus radios are different to traditional MESH radios. They deliver exceptional point-to-point performance equal to or better than conventional Microwave platforms, but typically in less spectral bandwidth.
  • Available in frequency bands from 400 MHz to 6 GHz, including the Australian ISM bands
  • High Power amplifier solutions are available
  • Specifically designed for mobile deployment in temporary and semi-permanent installations, rather than as a permanent infrastructure product
  • Offering asymmetrical data rates of up to 75 Mbps
Silvis radios are “switch on and go”, requiring little or no management once configured for field operations. A Silvus MESH is a true peer-to-peer, self-forming, self-healing mesh with no master and no configuration requirements after initial setup. Members of the Mesh can join and leave freely.

All management of radios on a network is achieved through a web browser connecting to Network Management software in each radio. Within the software adjustments can be made to selected mode of operation such as bandwidth, channel, or modulation scheme.

Available Models

Silvus Radios are available in several different combinations.
  • Infrastructure 4 x 4: Offering 1W of output power, the 4 x 4 radio is ideal for vehicle and tower/pole-mount applications.
  • OEM board set 4 x 4: Weighing just over 200 gms, the OEM board stack is ideal for integration into antenna casings, aerial vehicles and other custom fabrications.
  • Manpack 2 x 2: Designed for bodyworn or compact infrastructure requirements. 0.5W output power. Accessories for the 2 x 2 radio include: Integrated Ultra low latency H.264 Video encoder for Broadcast Camera applications; IO Module delivering integrated WiFi, GPS, PTT and composite video encoder.
  • 2 x 2 OEM Board set: At only 85 grams, the 2 x 2 board set is extremely well suited for use where the lightest most compact solution is required
Frequency bands range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz. Radios on different frequency bands may be combined into a single Mesh.

Multiple Meshes can be interconnected by hard wired connection, via the internet, or using traditional microwave IP links.

Benefits of MN-MIMO

  • More simultaneous channels and users
  • More reliable connectivity
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased range
  • Lower probability of detection
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