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Specialised Loudspeakers

DNH manufactures one of the world's more expansive ranges of loudspeakers that are designed for specialised areas of the commercial audio markets including oil and gas production, manufacturing, laboratories, correctional institutions and public spaces. Since the company came to fruition in 1946, they've become renowned for supplying premium quality products for varied applications and projects on a global scale.

The DNH range has been developed into an all-encompassing product portfolio that includes:

Horn speakers: DNH’s plastic miniature horn speakers are all marine grade IP67 weatherproof graded, making them the perfect fit for outdoor installations. Choose between 6 Watt and 8-Watt power and a range of different mounting options to suit the surface. DNH also offer lightweight and powerful explosion proof horn speakers for testing environments.

Projector speakers: their elegant design and bi-directional sound quality set these projector speakers apart from the rest. They come in options for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Cabinet speakers: DNH's extensive range of cabinet speakers come in low profile options and offer a full range of sound. With timber or plastic cabinet external materials, these cabinet speakers work well for public addresses and other large-scale indoor environments.

Ceiling speakers: these 6-Watt ceiling speakers are able to be mounted to the ceiling or wall with secure screw mounts. They're versatile and can be utilised across several public applications like supermarkets, schools and government buildings. 

Clean room speakers: available in a range of sizes and with waterproofing and dust proofing capabilities, these clean room speakers are fit for production facilities and other applications where hygiene is critical.

Column speakers: DNH's floor standing speakers are best suited for airports and other public areas where foot traffic is high. They combine excellent design with practical installation and sharp sound.

Music masters: These commercial speakers are easily mounted to external and internal facades and are all weatherproofed, so are an excellent addition to beer gardens and other areas where ambient sound is high.

Beacon speakers: these speakers are made from anodised aluminium alloy and powder coated to assure the quality of the product.

N 54-24: These speakers are entirely constructed from aluminium and well-suited for use in fire alarm and emergency situations. Their aluminium floor-standing body makes them the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Junction boxes and transformers: These junction boxes have six possible entries, an earth plate and 2.5-millimetre Wago terminals delivered with three cable glands. NDH transformers can also be purchased separately to the junction boxes.