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Premium guitar overdrive pedals, invented by guitarist and engineer Steen Grøntved and manufactured in Denmark.

LunaStone’s TrueOverDrive concept is founded on rigorous listening tests of all potential components in isolation. Unlike most overdrive pedals, Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive pedals do not rely on diode clipping, relying instead on cascaded gain stages, making them sound and behave dynamically like true tube amps being driven hard.

What you get is a very transparent and tube-like sound with lots of sustain and body. Guitar players who have tried the LunaStone pedals have commented that they sound like a hot-rodded Fender amp or a Marshall Plexi Head driven hard.

All pedals have plenty of gain, tons of sustain and deliver transparent tones even at high gain settings.

Big Fella

The Big Fella is your one-stop station to an intense and modern rock tone with a massive low-end and a thick body combined with a tremendously smooth and transparent drive.

Three Stage Rocket

The Three Stage Rocket is basically the Big Fella on steroids, but with more control flexibility, as well as the option to use the boost circuit to feed the overdrive for even more gain. It’s the result of a collaboration with the Danish guitarist and producer, Soren Andersen.

Wise Guy

Digging classic overdrive with a cutting and mid-focussed crunch? Then you need to take the Wise Guy out for a spin. The Wise Guy has a mid-focused voice resembling very classic overdrive sound as you known from the 60’s-70’s, but with a lot more gain under the hood.
Wise Guy