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Contacta is designed to improve customer service with a unique range of solutions, including hearing loops, speech transfer products, queue management systems and secure transfer units.

Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing devices, such as hearing aids, amplify all sounds. In noisy environments, this can make it difficult for those living with hearing loss to distinguish the speech, music or conversation that they are trying to hear.

Hearing loops are assistive listening technology used by individuals wearing a hearing device. They improve communication by enabling the user to hear the sound source directly by tuning in to the hearing loop to cut out background noise.

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The Contacta range has two different types of hearing loops

1 to 1 Hearing Loops

Perfect for use in situations such as bank counters, ticket offices and supermarket check outs where interaction between two people takes place, allowing your customers to engage with your staff freely.

Large Area Loops

Designed for installations such as in theatres, classrooms, conference centres and places of worship, where multiple listeners can benefit from a superior listening experience. Large area drivers can power a range of loops.

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Speech Transfer Systems

Speech through safety screens at banks, post offices and other customer facing businesses is less effective without a system to aid it. Contacta Speech Transfer Systems are designed so speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles such as glazed glass partitions, meaning your customers and staff have the best communication experience.

The components of a quality speech transfer system include an amplifier designed for optimum performance, speakers and well-positioned microphones, so that your customers and staff can converse freely and flawlessly.

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