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Pedals, switchers and preamps for those who won't accept compromises with their on-stage sound.

The Tonebone range of pedals from Radial are designed for professional use where quality, durability and performance is critical. Each Tonebone is made to ensure it will be quiet, have plenty of dynamic range and deliver exciting results for years to come. Tonebone pedals are made in Canada with pride.

12AX7 Tube Series Pedals

A range of stunningly smooth 12AX7 valve-equipped distortion pedals that deliver truly classic sounds.

Big Shot Floor Pedals

The BigShot pedal range offers a choice of pure Power Tools to enhance and simplify a stage setup and define the artist's unique sound.

Bones Series Floor Pedals

The Bones Series represent the evolution of the solid state pedal with low-noise 'Tonebone' circuits, pop free electronic switching and tough 14-gauge steel construction.

Tonebone Pedals and Accessories

Designed to enhance performance and expand the musical palette, these 'power tools for musicians' are easy to use, rugged, extremely quiet and sound great.
See all Tonebone products
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