Teradek manufactures advanced wireless HD video encoders, decoders, and transmission systems.  For complex IP video systems, the cloud-based workflow management platform lets users remotely activate a fleet of Teradek encoders in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Web Streaming

Live stream HD video directly to the internet over WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE, to any online video platform.

Teradek's encoders offer all the essential options to stream to any platform of your choice and includes native integration with Facebook, Ustream, YouTube Live, Livestream, and Wowza, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Ideal for Houses of Worship, Live events, Education facilities, Sports events, Corporate Conferencing, Telemedicine and Government applications.

Wireless Monitoring

Monitor real-time wireless video on tablets, smartphones and professional monitors at distances of up to 2500ft.

Professional monitoring products offer mission-critical solutions with exceptional video quality and undetectable delay.

iPad (iOS) tablet monitoring allows you to stream HD video from any camera or switcher to iPad and iPhone devices.

Colour Correction

Camera Control

Point to Point

Broadcasters have several powerful options for video transmission and distribution over local IP networks and the Internet with Teradek H.264 codecs. Cost-effective and incredibly capable, Teradek codecs are known for their versatility, low latency, and pristine image quality.

Rack mount encoders are available in single channel and high-density H.264 codecs in 1RU and 2RU configurations.

Portable encoders are lightweight and low power with multi-functional H.264 encoders.

Decoder options are available for H.264 decoding for Cube, Slice and T-Rax encoders.

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