TC Helicon

TC Helicon

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TC Helicon delivers innovative tools and solutions for people who create and work with the speaking and singing voice. Their products have completely redefined what is possible with the voice in virtually any live or recording situation.

The TC Helicon product range includes:
  • Mic-Stand Mounts
  • Stomp Boxes
  • Floor Multi-Effects
  • Microphones
  • Apps
  • Accessories

Live Performance

Designed to survive the demands of on-stage performances while still delivering true studio quality performance and versatility.

Vocal Monitor Systems

Super-compact and incredibly powerful systems designed solely to deliver accurate, versatile on-stage vocal monitoring.


The ultimate selection of voice processing and shaping tools to take the art of vocal performance and recording to new levels.


Everything you need to tune a TC Helicon systems to suit each musician's personal requirements.
TC Helicon
mic mechanic stomp box
Voice Jam
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