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Leon Speakers

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Horizon Series

Custom soundbars built to exactly match the width and finish of any television. Each speaker has up to 3-channels for high-fidelity audio with a discreet, bespoke aesthetic.

Profile Series

On-wall or side-mount speakers custom built to exactly match the dimensions of the television set. Each cabinet features high performance woofers and world-class tweeters delivering spectacular sound quality for any audio system.

Interactive Series

Integrated telepresence systems designed to achieve natural dialogue, available in Horizontal Interactive and Profile Interactive. With both individual personal units and multi-display systems, each speaker has been designed to deliver the speaker's emotion and clarity, making every conversation authentic.

Detail Series

On-wall surround speakers that are compact, handcrafted and sonically-matched to the Leon front soundstage speakers, offering a full 5-channel high-fidelity audio experience in any room.

Axis Series

Premium in-ceiling speakers available in both square and circle grills that can be custom painted by Leon to match any colour. Perfect for distributed audio, surrounds or main speakers in commercial environments. Available with sealed or open backs and optional 70-volt transformers.

AAROS Series

The Leon range of subwoofers are perfectly suited for multipurpose corporate spaces to bigger presentation rooms, offering uncompromising low end in all shapes and sizes, with refined, musical tonality.

Vault Series

In-wall speakers with fully sealed and acoustically dampened cabinets handcrafted with the finest components to deliver uncompromising sound quality. Easily installed pre- or post-construction, and with paintable metal grills or custom coloured fabric grills, these speakers can be seamlessly integrated into any interior design.

Boundary Series

The Boundary Series are designed to deliver outstanding outdoor audio, custom built from durable aluminium, and finished with a robust coating for withstanding the elements.

Tone Case Series

Hardwood cases specifically designed to create a custom look for the Sonos Play Series. Tonecase FIT complements and conceals the Sonos Playbar, mounting it directly to the TV with a custom grill to match the exact width of the display.

Media Décor

Art screens, lifts and frames designed to conceal screens of up to 120" diagonal.  The range consists of:
  • Moving Art Screens – display concealed behind printed artwork
  • Eclipse Art Lifts – bespoke artwork to cover a TV
  • Edge Media Frame – a contemporary media frame to conceal mounting and wiring

Timbre Series

Bookshelf speakers designed with simple elegance and quality using the finest bench made components, select hardwoods and hand-crafted cabinets. These are ideal for front speakers in a small home theatre installation, stand-alones for music systems or as surround speakers in a larger home entertainment set up.
Leon Speakers
See all Leon Speakers products
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