Jet City Amplification

Jet City Amplification

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Premium-quality tube amps at very affordable prices.

Jet City Amplification has an unpretentious approach to guitar amplification - simple, focused, and great-sounding products for guitarists.

They offer pedals, an attenuator, an isolation cabinet, and various other tools for guitarists.

The focus is on high-quality materials, and robust build quality. Heavy-gauge steel and hard plywood feature heavily. Big, heavy, custom-wound transformers deliver constant reliability. Thick PCBs with wide, 2oz copper traces are reliable, sound awesome, and are easy to service and modify.

Combo Amps

Guitar Speaker Cabinets with In-Built Amplifiers


Guitar amplifier heads

Pedals and Boxes

FX Pedals and Utility Boxes for Signal Processing
Jet City Amplification
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